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Do you feel your partner values you, but only when it is convenient for him to do so or only in a sexual context?Do you fantasize about doing other nonsexual activities with your partner but, in actuality, spend little time together?Follow Jill on Twitter @Dr Jill Weber and learn more about her at this strictly for heterosexual couples?the language here is extremely hetro, and yet the concepts are applicable for all sorts of couples.

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If you tell your partner that you really like him and he looks away, changes topics, jokes or teases with you, he is letting you know that he is unable or unwilling to reciprocate your level of intimacy.

Even if they do not agree there is a sense of comfort and validation. In the context of Sextimacy and one-sided relationships the willingness to directly communicate your thoughts, needs and desires is essential.

If you never say what you are thinking, how will you know if he can give you what you need?

At first Sextimacy can seem like a shortcut to happiness but when it is used habitually the woman is often left with frustration and disappointment.

In my book “Having Sex, Wanting Intimacy--Why Women Settle for One-Sided Relationships” I present the stories of others to show how women may become trapped in unfulfilling relationships and how many have learned how to find a better life. Is he open to your experience even if he doesn’t agree with it?

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